Member of the "MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA" ....
Olivier BERTERO started the sculpture in 2001,
A professional woodcarver, he first worked on ornamental carving,
Then he turned to the sculpture of characters after a meeting with a former student sculptor who had sculpted a beautiful woman in pear,
That day, he knew what he wanted to do artistically, to give emotion.
So he carved female characters for about 10 years ...
It lacked wood nuances, brilliance, brightness ...
So it came naturally to the ceramic magnet the color that can give enamels, glazes, metallic tones, golden chandeliers.
He studied for two years with a couple of potters in the Vercors to learn the technique of cooking "Raku" and the work of enamels.
Raku is an enameling technique of Korean origin that developed in Japan from
XVIth century, This technique, inseparable from Zen philosophy, was developed by a potter named Chôjirô,
He has of course expanded his knowledge by doing a lot of tests and trials with his enamel recipes.
In his work he likes to give color to his characters, to surprise with details, trying to innovate with each new work.
Then everyone can see what he feels in his characters, give free rein to the imagination ...
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